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In an effort to provide Burlington High School students and their families with relevant and up-to-date college information, the Guidance Staff will be visiting various colleges and universities and providing you with information. The colleges visited do not represent a preference on the part of the BHS Guidance Department towards any particular school.

In the college search process, many things are taken into consideration. Things that are considered, but not limited to are: campus size, location, number of students on campus, majors, tuition, distance from home, athletic programs, clubs and other activities. When considering a college, students must also make realistic decisions based on personal interest, grades, test scores, etc.

The department feels that the college visit is an integral part of the process, and we strongly encourage students to visit any and all schools that interest them, especially if these schools are fairly close by. The information we provide is only a small snapshot into each respective college. We hope to add information about other schools in the future, and as always we appreciate any feedback that you have that would help us provide our students and their families useful information in the sometimes overwhelming college search process.

Furthermore we ask that students also research colleges by using their Naviance accounts and scheduling meetings with their counselor on a consistent basis. Please feel free to contact your son or daughter's individual counselor if you have any further questions.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Bridgewater State

Visited by Leisel Smith - Dec 2015
  • 11,000 active students on a very active campus in a nice village bedroom community outside Boston
  • generally flat campus but “sledding” hill near freshman dorms & athletics
  • 10 mins off Rt 24
  • diverse campus, but not particularly well-integrated

There are actually 2 campuses split by the commuter rail (Middleboro-Lakeville stop, 40 mins from South Station):
1- West Campus- edge of the center of town, all academics & administration, some dorms
2- East Campus- mostly underclass dorms, apt upperclass dorms, athletics, and trail entrances
  • 5 dining halls (West- 3, East- 2)
  • Fire Station right next to East Campus
  • bus tracking map (ETA shown) in campus center

  • biggest class= 35  *NO large lecture halls, very personal; upperclass classes= 5-15 students
  • laptop required
  • library:  Starbucks, freshman advising, tutoring, Floors 2-3 are quiet
  • Study Abroad options:  student “exchange” w another college, study abroad or study tours (1-2 wks for credit)
  • freshman can get desired classes, but harder for upperclassmen- helps to email professors, sometimes extra sessions will be created

West Campus:
  • rainwater filtration system
  • observatory on the top of the math/science building
  • student geological research in Hawaii was displayed
  • solar compactors
  • lots of recycling
  • lots of coffee stops around (Dunkin’, Starbucks- can use ID card only, NOT g/c)
  • students can use bookstore, but often use Amazon or Cheg (rentals)
  • Catholic church “off” campus, surrounded by “on” campus buildings- food pantry available for community & students, spaghetti dinners every Thursday
  • Art Center is the former gym, so there’s an elevated track, which now displays art; art students have 24 hr access to building

  • very present security in general on campus, 24 hr security in dorms- check bags; * campus siren & texting to alert to larger emergencies
  • lots of recycling
  • free printing system
  • most freshmen & sophomores live on campus, then most move off campus (big apartment complex on the far side of the athletic fields- kinda far)
  • 700 freshman live in Shea Hall & Durgin Hall (at the top of the sledding hill on East Campus).  They have doubles & the rooms are just big enough for 2 if you are organized with your space.  * * BUT there are some forced triples (with a cot!!) in the same spaces & the tour guide said something about quads (?)- typically don’t last longer than the semester unless students choose to extend (with the cot??)
  • coed by floor, not by hall
  • need ID to swipe to get into bathrooms (girls/ boys separate)- cleaned 2x/day!
  • can choose own roommate or use system to find potential roommates w similar interests
  • main floor of dorms has large game room (pool table, ping pong, tvs) next to a full kitchen & laundry room (can borrow equipment from security)
  • all rooms have a/c- gets shut off if the window is open though :)
  • can request that an entire floor be dedicated to a club, Greek life, special interest

  • Greek life was brought up often (5 frats, 4 sororities, 2 co-ed):  Greek week (complete w food trucks, lip sync-ing), community service
  • 2 gyms (1 free, 1 fee)
  • dry campus- LOTS of activities run through very active clubs & programming- doesn’t seem that anyone is at a loss for things to do (i.e. Cheese Club, Quidditch, Filmmakers Society, tv/ radio broadcasting, closed circuit tv movies)
  • LOTS of dance companies (including Irish Step Dancing)
  • active theater program- performing Seussical soon)
  • no cars on campus, some students buy spots off campus ($500)

IMG_0950_2.jpg                    IMG_0954_2.JPG
sign in window of dorm says “only dead fish go with the flow” free dorm print stations

IMG_0956_2.JPG  IMG_0960_2.jpg
typical freshman dorm/ double pedestrian underpass

IMG_0984.JPG IMG_0970_2.JPG
observatory on top of math/sc building “not to be ministered unto, but to minister”

IMG_0971_2.jpg  IMG_0980.JPG
Tillinghast Hall (dining hall- smelled yummy) beautiful Art Center (former BSC gym)

upperclass apts

“downtown” Bridgewater

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